Hand and Conveyor Assembly

Assembly Services Division
Hand and Conveyor Assembly

At the assembly services division of Inroads to Opportunities, we offer both hand and conveyor assembly services to our customers. When you entrust a project to our firm, you can be confident that our experienced workforce will use the best modern production methods to meet your requirements – on spec and on time.

Hand Sorting

Many items needing true hand sorting, hand inserting and assembly are not suited for conveyor belt assembly production lines. For these items, our trained workforce provides traditional hand assembly production lines, with the capacity to handle projects both small and large. Quality is a top priority, and all of our production lines are constantly monitored by a supervisor to meet the unique specifications of each project.

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Conveyor Assembly

For other projects, a conveyor belt assembly is the best option. For example, in the assembly of POP and PDQ displays, as well as for many promotional kits, the conveyor belt assembly process allows our division to use the same production line for both the subassembly packaging of
products and the final assembly of those products into the display units. This allows each worker to lay out only a few of the needed items, helping to ensure quality control and a perfectly assembled unit.

Collating and hand inserting are two other functions best suited for the conveyor assembly process. We understand that the collating process is a vital part of hand inserting for certain products. All of our conveyor lines have speed dials, allowing the supervisor to change the speed, as conditions warrant. This gives us the control necessary to deliver a high quality job with a quick turnaround time.

Product labeling is another specialty of ours. Whether you need to add a new label on a product or to cover up an existing one, we can apply any type of label for you. We take great pride in doing the work quickly and on time to meet even the most demanding schedule. The shape or size of the label is never a concern here at Inroads, as our workforce is extremely adaptable to any labeling need.

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Do you need to add a new label on a product or cover up an existing one? Our adaptable and skilled workforce can tackle any product labeling project.

We provide collating and hand inserting services for a wide variety of businesses in New Jersey.

We are contract packaging professionals, providing packaging and labeling services to a wide variety of businesses in New Jersey, New York and Connecticut.