Here’s a list of some of the services we offer:

Unit Packing

From single item inserts to multi item complicated insert unit packaging, we can do it all. Our QC program assures that each completed unit will meet the most demanding inspection and legal weight minimums.

Hand and Conveyer Assembly

Our Contract services division offers both hand and conveyor assembly. Hand assembly, without a conveyor belt, is best used when the project is small or intricate. We use conveyor assembly on most of our multipart projects. This allows each person to specialize in a particular function and achieve greater productivity. This also improves our turnaround time on projects, allowing our customers to meet their deadlines without concerns.

Promotional Services

At Inroads we can assemble all types of promotional material and services. From gift baskets to seminar ring binders, we can do it all in a timely and efficient manner. We have the ability to customize multiple variations in the same project, with different components.


Whether you need to add a new label on a product or to cover up an existing one, we can apply any type of label for you. We take great pride in doing the work quickly and on time to meet even the most demanding schedule. The shape or size of the label is never a concern here at Inroads, as our workforce is extremely adaptable.

Pallet Displays

We can assemble and set up all types of pallet displays. Commonly these are featured in warehouse clubs. Many times these displays will feature multiple products loaded in to POP displays, then carefully stacked on pallets. Our completed pallet displays come out picture perfect.

POP and PDQ Assembly

At Inroads we can set up and assemble a wide variety of POP and PDQ displays. We have the expertise to produce them to your exact specifications.

Collating and Inserting

Whether it is printed material or odd shape items, we can do it with ease. We can collate and insert large projects, using multiple conveyor belt production lines, to make a seamless assembly of the project.

Shrink Wrapping

We have two automatic shrink wrap systems at Inroads that can handle a variety of items. Both have full high speed conveyor belts with heat tunnels. In addition, for the very specialized items, we have two L-Bar hand shrink wrap sealers. Our production lines are located right next to our high speed shrink wrap units to allow for greater QC control on every project.

Heat Sealing

Our Contract Services division can heat seal your polybagged material on multiple pre-production lines simultaneously. We can assemble the items into the polybags and then heat seal them at the end of the production line.


With 85,000 square feet and three buildings, we have the floor space to sort and disassemble any type of project no matter how big. We can sort almost any type of item and request. If reassembly is needed, one of our fast production lines is right next door.

Retail and Ticketing

We can apply almost any type of retail ticketing to a product. We have the flexibility to sort and separate the items as we ticket them.