What can wreck the best laid plans?

17 Mar What can wreck the best laid plans?

What can wreck the best laid plans? 


Not having the project done on time.


At the Assembly Services division of Inroads to Opportunities, we know and understand that fact very well. We strive to always meet our customer’s lead-time and project timeline needs.  We know that the project only has value if delivered in a timely fashion.  In today’s world being late to the gate, can mean the difference between making the sale or losing the opportunity with the ultimate end user of your product and service.

We engage our customers to let us know their timelines upfront, so we can use creative ways to fulfill those needs in the best possible manner. We always seek ways to expand and improve our service levels to customers, via market driven lead-times.

                            Next time you have a tight timeline, why not give us a call and challenge us – to see how we can perform for your firm.                                    We would welcome the opportunity to be of service to your firm with your hand packaging and assembly needs.



We provide collating and hand inserting services for a wide variety of businesses in New Jersey.

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